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Find out information about precious metal prices here. This relates to the current daily buying and selling rates.


Gold lexicon

Find out all there is to know about coins, bars and other interesting information about gold in the “Gold lexicon”.


Falling courses are by no means a cause for panic. If you consider the 10 questions and answers, you are on the safe side.
1. Did I plan to sell the investment gold again within a year?
If your answer is “no”, you do not have to worry about it, … Read More

For the friends of the yellow metal, the last few weeks and months were quite stretching and testing for their nerves and good confidence.
Gold is gaining momentum again – it will return 1800 $ / oz?
For the friends of the yellow metal, the last few weeks and months … Read More

Our hard savings are constantly losing value. When I ask customers how much their loss of value is per year, they usually tell me the official inflation rate, which is currently about 2%.
If I ask how they perceive the monetary appreciation emotionally, then they rate the rate of inflation much … Read More

By mid-thirties at the latest, people are thinking about their money and, above all, in today’s crisis-stricken investment forms. The situation on the financial markets makes it difficult for us to find the right savings.
Precious metals as a financial investment – yesterday was yesterday
The Sparbuch is not … Read More

Make money in gold – but right! Especially in recent years, I am approached almost daily by people who want to invest their money in gold. All of these people combine one thing: the concern for their financial future, but above all the concern for the security in old … Read More

Are you afraid of the financial turmoil in the financial sector and the euro crisis? Do you want to prevent the fruits of your work being lost? Then we advise you to invest some of your money in gold.
We answer the question “Buying gold or not?” With a “yes” to … Read More

The value of your jewelery depends on the weight, the carbide number, the fine content of gold, and the daily price of gold. If you want to know exactly how much your gold is worth, you need a specialist.
Only this can determine the exact Karatzahl. For this purpose, he … Read More

Almost every man has old gold at home, which no longer fulfills a specific purpose: the torn baptismal chain, the long no longer modern jewelery, or the remnant of the last visit to the dentist.
Due to the high gold price, it is currently paying off to sell this gold. There … Read More

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